Beautiful Noise

17 Feb

Have you ever read a novel that you were loving so much you quit reading it so you wouldn’t get to the end too quickly?

I have three dogs and they had poopy pants last weekend. Yes there’s a point to telling you that. It meant I was stuck at home on a four-day weekend letting them in and out and in and out when I had hoped to be cross-country skiing every day.

Not to throw away the whole weekend, I decided to learn how to download an e-book on my tablet. But which book?

I got side-tracked. I have had this life-long dream of living and working in Ireland so I read online news from there every day. I stumbled across the book launch of Helen Seymour’s Beautiful Noise with photos of one Bono (from the band U2) who is apparently a pal and gave her a good word on the book along with a photo op.

Friendship aside, smart woman! Seventeen years in marketing, she knows if you can get a famous Irishman to help launch your book at home in Dublin, it has to help with sales.

And she’d be right because

  1. U2’s my favourite band of all time. Please hurry up releasing a new album fellas. Because Bono liked the book it got me to look it up and see what it was about.
  2. Her book sounded groovy in it’s own right. I don’t buy anything purely based on a good photo of Bono holding it.
  3. Beautiful Noise is the first song I can clearly recall listening to in a conscious way. My big brother loved it and would play it over and over again on the record player of which he was the only one old enough to be trusted not to wreck the needle and scratch the records at that time (I would have been about 6). We’d stand on the plaid 1970’s carpet of our family room and sing and dance along. All to say, I was curious about it’s place as book title.

It’s a good book.

I love everything about it. It’s not rocket science. It’s an easy read and what has me hooked are the characters. Seymour developed them really well. I can imagine knowing them and hanging out with them.

I realized I was reading the book so fast that it was going to be over in a day or two so I stopped. Because I don’t want to miss Iris and Elliott and Squirrel and his nutty uncle Eamo. I like being a fly on the wall of their fictional lives.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that did that to me.

Other books that hooked me because of their rich characters

  • She’s Come Undone
  • Little Bee
  • The Book of Negroes
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle//
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