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19 Feb

OK. Time to get writing. I like talking about other people’s writing and what I think makes a good book because I glean information from what they’ve done to succeed and keep those bits as mental notes for myself. However, if I want to publish then at some point I actually have to begin writing too.

I started a children’s story today that’s been rattling around in my brain for about 8 months now. I had the opportunity to go to Elk Island National Park last June and they have wood and plains bison recovery herds. The moose has been my favourite animal but the bison is now threatening to displace it from the pedestal on which I’ve put it for the last 20 or so years. If you can’t fathom why then you need to get yourself out and see wild bison. You will be converted, I promise. They are magnificent! Lions and tigers poo-poo. Bison rule.

Anyway, I was walking about the park by myself and got to thinking, How could you explain to a little kid what the difference between a bison and a cow is?

And in my head I heard:

Billy the Bison is down on the bluff wearing a big broad brim

Carl the Cow is down on the cliff wearing a crusty cowboy cap…

And then I could “hear” them being too cool with each other as they went through what was the same about themselves and what was different. But I never wrote the story down so here I am 8 months later.

Today I started writing it down and I also figure it might be hard to make an entire story about only Billy and Carl so I made a list of animals that are frustratingly similar yet not the same and researched what their differences are.

Examples are

  • hare vs rabbit
  • frog vs toad
  • raven vs crow

And so on.

I gave each animal a name. Harriet the Horse fly and Deidre the Deer Fly didn’t make the cut. Apparently they’re both so horrid nobody on the Internet really wants to discuss their quirky qualities. They just bite dammit!

I created a list of unique attributes next to each pair of critters and the next step will be to see which ones spring to life the most so that I’d like to add them to the story with Billy and Carl.Plains Bison


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