Lyricist Proses a Problem

20 Feb

Possibly a silly question but still one that I’ve been thinking about.

What is the difference between a lyricist and a poet?

Then there is the chicken and egg debate that goes with it.

Do the lyrics come first or the melody?


Are you a lyricist ONLY if you’ve also written the music to go with the words?

I like to write children’s stories with a lot of rhythm to them… or is it cadence …

and will sometimes write poetry… or is it prose …

anyway, one of each of those,  and will sometimes hear it in my head set to a tune.

But I also count in musical time when I’m walking and I like to stomp and clap out rhythms to my dogs as I communicate with them in song or chant soooooooo

maybe what I’m doing is none of the above and I’ve finally discovered one reason why people have often said,

“You’re weird.”

Dang! A mystery solved! Not a poet or lyricist. Just an odd duck.

Lets recap the things I’ve discovered today that are frustratingly similar yet not the same and that are not critters like in yesterday’s list of same but different:

  • Lyricist vs Poet
  • Poetry vs Prose
  • Rhythm vs Cadence


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Posted by on February 20, 2013 in PonderQs


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