Caterpillar Shoes

21 Feb

Just before falling asleep last night I was thinking about caterpillars and how when you touch them sometimes they start curling and flipping about to keep you from eating them. Obviously they assume everything that touches them is a bird.

And then I had this funny thought that maybe the real reason they do it is because instead of tying each shoe up individually, they’ve tied the shoelaces of their many Converse sneakers to each other and now they can’t get up.

And this made me laugh and I started thinking about a new story called

A Caterpillar Named Chris and the Great Converse Clusterf*ck

Picture it. Chris doesn’t know how to tie his shoelaces. He rolls on his back in order to pull on all of his sneakers but then all of those laces are dangling down in his face and he doesn’t know which lace belongs to which shoe and chaos ensues.

So what then? Well on Mondays at Science Camp it’s no issue because they wear rubber boots to collect stuff in the muck and on Tuesday nights at line dancing class it’s not such a big deal because his cowboy boots are pull-ons and Wednesday nights at swimming lessons there’s no issue because he only needs to wear flip flops between the change room and the pool but on Thursdays when he takes tap … clusterf*ck again!!! His mom tried to help by removing the laces and putting in Velcro but that stuff is so loud no one can hear the taps and he keeps getting into trouble from his teacher each time he rippppppppppppps a shoe open and closed. And there are a lot of shoes on a caterpillar to open and close!

And then there’s his older sister who’s already gone through pupation so she’s this gorgeous butterfly who wears point shoes and takes Miss Paulina’s ballet class next to his tap studio and she’s soooooooooo embarrassed of him and his best friend is one of those caterpillars that has spikes all over him like a Mohawk and he only wears combat boots and Chris wishes he was that hip but just can’t seem to pull it off … so he’s a hurtin little guy.

And somehow I have to help Chris learn how to tie his Converse sneakers up properly so that he can show his sister and buddy that he’s got skills maybe on the basketball court or running track or whatever.

And of course, I’ll need an appropriate book title for children.



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