Blog Block

23 Feb

My brain was taxed today and I was left with no time to create and now I’m tired but determined to write something. In the spirit of The Artist’s Way I think I should get something down if only to keep momentum going. Write through the block?

When I was taking the break from the novel Beautiful Noise so that it wouldn’t end too quickly, I stumbled across a radio interview with Helen Seymour  and she spoke about how working in marketing sapped all of her brain power and left her with nothing to put into her novel writing. And I get that, especially today. Only sadly, it wasn’t anything creative and fun but much more technical writing that used me up.

Free flow writing … Now having just decided to name this blog Blog Block, it has caused a funny memory to surge forward about the first time I left the west and saw some of central Canada. I was 24 and recently graduated from university. I had just wrapped up my first summer of guiding canoe trips up north and rather than figure out a winter career, I decided to drive as far east as I could before the money ran out.

I ended up in Ottawa around Thanksgiving (October in Canada) to stay with one of my oldest friends who is a contemporary dancer. At some point we were in a supermarket, a big one, but which I’d never heard of. Loblaws. While in the fresh produce section she informed me that she’d heard the owner of the store chain’s first name was Bob.

Bob Loblaw.

Say it out loud.

That’s good fun isn’t it?

“Hello sir, and what is your name?”


It makes me laugh every time I remember it. I’ve never taken the time to find out if that’s true or a myth and I don’t think I care to know because it’s just fun to say.

Don’t tell me what the scientific explanation behind the northern lights really is because I like to think, as I was once told by a Cree friend, that they are the spirits of our ancestors dancing and don’t burst my bubble and tell me Mr. Loblaw really goes by Robert.










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