Saturday Sun

23 Feb

Have you ever read the Skippyjon Jones books? They are some of the best read-aloud stories I’ve come across in years. Having been an aide with pre-school aged children with special needs in a past career, I’ve read a lot of terrible stories so when I say Skippyjon is fun to read, really it is!

A goal for the stories I’ll write is to ensure that they too will be fun to read out loud. There is more than one audience in children’s literature so far as I can tell. The trick will be to write something that can appeal to all ages in the messaging and in the use of language. The sound of the words rolling around their mouths should be as enjoyable for the adult or baby sitter as it is for the little ones they are reading to.

Today, it was a luscious -5 Celsius and now that the February sun is packing a bit of heat in the afternoons, I set up a lawn chair in my back yard and continued to read Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay.

Winter Reading 2013   Minus 5 2013

I had started this book before Beautiful Noise but I like the coincidence that I’m reading two novels back to back that are based on radio.

This novel is set in Yellowknife in Canada’s far north in 1975. I’m not too far into it but already there have been several passages that I’ve had to stop and re-read because the language and imagery are so rich. Apparently some of the characters are going to go on a canoe trip, something to do with tracing the path of a lost adventurer, so I was in love with this book before I even flipped open the cover.

My three dogs ripped up a storm of fun while I was reading and now while I type, they are snoozing and having good dreams about the awesome day they just had outside.

True 2013                               Piper 2013 Charlie Cheeks 2


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