Strange Things Happen

02 Mar

Narrows March2011 001

My guard goes up when the wind blows coldly from the east, from the east

Strange things happen when it whips up wildly; uncommon, unsettling

Strange things happen when the east wind rips across your face like cutting ice.


Feathers of a dead bird blowing across the snow, across the snow

Like grains of sand blowing roughly over empty streets; pebbly white noise

Like grains of sand in a cowboy western, snow swirls in the empty street.


Tuck in. Hunker down.

Don’t be wooed by the sunset to the west.

Strange things happen when the wind blows coldly from the east, from the east.

Late Fall 2012 097

Today there was a biting wind out of the east. The wind doesn’t often come from that direction and when it does it can bring terrible weather that wreaks havoc. There were bird feathers blowing down the street one by one mixed into grains of snow – something got eaten by a fox or owl…

I believe east winds are suspect because my many years of paddling and guiding in the backcountry have taught me to be wary of east winds. And now it’s just a body thing. I came out of work at noon to walk home and the wind smacked me hard in the face and I had an instant reaction. A batten down the hatches reaction.

Nothing bad happened so obviously bad stuff doesn’t always happen with east winds but my bones believe all heck may break loose. It’s hard to ignore that sensation. The creepy, watch for lightening strikes in summer and blizzards in winter sensation.

Late Fall 2012 085

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