Terrible 2s? It’s Still Better than 1

01 Apr

April Fool’s Day. My pup turns 2, or at least this is the day I’ve chosen to celebrate her life. I came up with the date based on when the last of her milk teeth fell out so I know she was born around this time. Add to it that she has the most impish, naughty character with intelligence oozing out her ears and April Fool’s Day fit her just right.

Two. A punk!

She’s not a puppy anymore but she is the puppy of this family and in all likelihood, the last puppy I’ll ever raise. I don’t think I could stand the hell of another puppy should it come even close to the terror that this one has put me through the last couple of years.

Puppy Love 2013

I love True to bits but my God she’s been a test. Piper, my Great Dane, was the world’s easiest pup so maybe I simply had a skewed idea of puppyhood and True blew it all to hell.

But I’ve fostered rescue pups before and I’ve volunteered lots with shelters so I’ve dealt with a wide range of behaviours in dogs and I can honestly say that this pup  has  nearly  caused  me  a  nervous  breakdown!!!!!!

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer says you get the dog you need not the dog you want and I try to remind myself of that when True is putting it to me. I know there’s a bigger lesson here for me to learn. She’s showing me my own weaknesses and areas where I need to evolve.

She is growing up and in the last few months I’m noticing daily that she is maturing and settling down a bit more. I’m not sure she’ll ever loose the talk-back attitude, the saucy pants behaviour or that glint in her eye that says she’s always one step ahead of me which keeps me on my toes 365 days a year.

And I’m glad for it. Deep down inside I’m pleased to have a smart dog with character to spare because she is also a loyal and loving little buddy who’s got my back.

Happy Birthday True. I gave you your name because you showed a true spirit to overcome the cruelty and  obstacles that you faced in your first few months of life and embraced your new family with vim and vigor. We love you.

True 2013

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