Shadow Writer & Research

06 Apr

Writing. What have I learned or accomplished lately?

Well, I have the opportunity to sit on an editorial board, which is not writing but pitching and bringing in other writers. So now I’m back to being what Julia Cameron refers to as the “shadow” artist/writer.

It’s not a direct accomplishment towards writing but it will be interesting and help in my learning about pitching to national and international audiences. That can’t hurt my future personal goals.

I have been following Twitter every day, checking in daily and scrolling back over 8 hours to see what sorts of things are being tweeted out. I make a mental note of what I’m interested in and who’s tweets I’m chronically skipping over.

Again, I am hardly tweeting so not being active on the writing front but it feels like this is a form of research. If I can figure out what grabs my attention then perhaps I’ll have a better idea about what kind of content to put out on Twitter that will secure a following of my own when I am ready to sustain the handle with a purpose.

I am experiencing the tail end of a spring snow storm so am thriving in the house today.

I baked Johnny cake and banana cake and I’ve played my music loudly and danced around the house and played with the dogs in the snow and written my nephew a letter using several “w” words and then told him to look up the word alliteration. Fantastic, a word nerd auntie. Maybe he’ll enjoy it. Maybe he has an inner word nerd too. He’s certainly a voracious reader.

I think I’ve found a dirt cheap flight to Ireland  but it’s more likely that I’m doing the math wrong. Numbers and me don’t go well together but, I’ve decided not to research it further this weekend. I am going to live in the bliss of denial thinking I might have a real chance of getting there this year.

And now, I’m going to shut down this blog and do some writing of my own. That children’s author will be back in town in the next week or so and offered to meet with me to talk about my stories. I had better show up with drafts and not just ideas!


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2 responses to “Shadow Writer & Research

  1. David George

    April 8, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for liking my poetry at The Poet Laura Ate. You have some nice poems under April 8. I like the way you capture the subtle, gentle flavor of hiku even without the form. My poetry doesn’t tend to be so subtle. I’ve only written one hiku myself:

    Spring jumps spritely up
    Kicking winter in the face
    Brining all the birds.

    See, with me humor is never far away. Keep up the good work, Dave.

    • CurlyQ

      April 9, 2013 at 3:27 am

      Thanks for your comment. I’m still figuring out the blog site and my way around so forgive me for not responding sooner!
      I did enjoy your writing. I like witty.


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