Crusty by CurlyQ

09 Apr


I don’t know if it happened when I turned 40 or

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen enough life now that I’m not so

Sentimental and

Every little thing doesn’t carry a deeper meaning.

A lot of things

Just are.


Can we just do our damn job here and

Not talk about our feelings?

Can we get to the task and

Not have hours of sharing our

Feelings and

Philosophy and

Reflections before

Making a decision a month from now?


Crusty as a parched field in drought

Cracked and calloused at the surface and

Maybe a bit less conversational and squishy as

I used to be when young and earnest but


Turn a shovel full of dirt over and

You’ll see that I’m still warm

There is a well, a wealth

Deep below

Teeming with encouragement and patience and love.


I’ve simply learned not to waste it but

Save it

When someone really needs me

I want to be able to support them with everything I’ve got.


I will ring every ounce of precious energy from my blood and bones

To support you

When you really need me.


Day 8 for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)





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