Women Share Everything

11 Apr

Day 10 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)


We are women so we share


and we recount unabashedly

our mishaps and mistakes and missions and milestones.

This is how we connect and process the curiosities of life and

navigate the road ahead.


Queries are answered from collective experience or by bringing back news from expert female professionals:

There are underwire bras for A cups.

What the hell? WHY?

Can you hike at altitudes if pregnant?

Go for it! There’s even a fetus-friendly anti-malaria drug now.

The 8-year-old keeps crawling into bed with them.

Good Goddess, do we need to spend the weekend at their house to support them in saying


She’s been bleeding for weeks on end. Do you think it’s perimenopause?

Fuck if I know but that sounds tortuous. Should we send sympathy pads?


We are women so we share


and we rally when needed to support one another through

love and loss and life and lament.

This is how we make certain the generations to follow

Learn to care for themselves.


The guidebook of

how to and why and why not and when and where and what for and how come

is passed down

and down

and down

because we are women and our survival depends on sharing everything.

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