Personal Space

13 Apr

I saw you come in behind me at the bank today and

I sized you up and began to imagine who you were.


A college student in final exams, exhausted and needing to pick up wired money from mom

A night-shift worker just let off, heading in to cash your pay check

A homeless youth looking to stay warm and maybe get a bank card

A lazy ass kid who hasn’t learned to comb his hair by age 19 or put on clothes that haven’t sat in a wrinkled pile on the floor for the last 8 days or wipe the goobers out of the corners of his eyes before heading out into civilization for the day.


And I admit that my imaginings became more negative as we moved like snails through the queue because you

yawned with a


and then proceeded to

EXXXXXXHALLLLLLLLLLE  your hot stinky breath

on my cheek and then

on my other cheek when we turned the queue corner and then

on the back of my head at the bend in the queue so hard that it made my short CURLY hair MOVVVVVVVVE


Gross me out!


And each time I heard the sucking in of air, I braced for the exhale

holding my breath in case you have a cold

because we’re so close to Spring, I don’t want to chance getting sick for when

the weather turns nice.


“Cover your freaking mouth, young man,”

I want to shout but I didn’t want to shame you in public with

20 other people watching because that won’t make you a better human being only bitter

“Cover your mouth, young man,”

I wanted to holler

“Give me some freaking personal space.”


Day 12 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)


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