Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

13 Apr

The Great Divide Move 09Roger’s Pass 2009

I spent a couple of years in flux which included going back to school at age 35 to complete a post-degree journalism certificate in Calgary, Alberta and then moving to the Sunshine Coast, B.C. to work for a newspaper and then the move that this photograph represents which took me to La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan.

I had fire in my belly and my confidence was growing and I can tell you that I felt like the King of the Road driving along coast, across ocean by ferry, over the great divide of the Rocky Mountains, through thunderstorm Prairies and north to the boreal forest and beyond in this moving truck with my life’s contents inside of it and towing my own car.

What you can’t see is that up in the cab of the truck with me was my 10-month-old Great Dane riding shotgun and two cats in stacked kennels between us. Piper is timid and could not figure out how to get up and down from the truck so every time we stopped so she could pee or to stop for the night, I had to lift and carry my pet “moose,” poker stick legs sticking out every which way. You try shoving those long legs back into a truck cab!

It took us three days to get from the Coast to La Ronge in oppressive August heat but I love a road trip and I particularly loved that one because I felt like I was finding my way in life


The Great Divide Move 09

“Easier to Load/ Seats 3?” I guess they didn’t know that I was having to load a Great Dane in and out of the cab four times a day with 2 yowling cats in kennels. fun fun fun. Oh, plus me Seats 4!


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