Eating Humble Pie

20 Apr

Call it whatever you like. God’s smack down,  karma, or a long week of dealing with a cold and cough finally catching up to me, but I had a good dose of humility this afternoon. Gosh, that’s never a good time eh?

Yesterday I was flying high. I was feeling good about myself and wasn’t gloating but was definitely sharing my success.

I went into journalism because I am incredibly curious about others, not because I like to chat about myself and my own interests on a grand a scale, but my current job in communications requires that I give interviews now and again. Yesterday was one of those days.

I did prep. I made notes with key words on them for things I wanted to remember to mention and taped them to my desk so I couldn’t fidget during the live radio via phone interview. I had a colleague put me through a mock interview first. I ran around outside for a few minutes, took deep breaths and allowed myself to converse freely with the interviewer. It was fun. I hit all the points I needed to and it was genuine.

Today I received yet another late day request on the same topic. I still had the notes taped to my desk. I crossed out yesterday’s interviewer’s name and wrote down the new guy’s name so I wouldn’t call him by the wrong name. I didn’t feel well. I said to myself, “Self, suck it up and do your job.”

This guy was not nearly as much fun. There was zero conversation to start and no warm up just BAM! into questions. Thank goodness, I think, that he was taping it to air tomorrow because he asked me a question that was totally appropriate but that I hadn’t considered and had NO answer for.

I did the worst thing possible. In a nanosecond I over-thought the question while  inhaling long and deeply, hummed and hawed and then mumbled, “Idunno-sorry-you-can-edit-that-out-right?”


oh no no no no no no bad. Poor.

Oh sigh. From eagle to earth worm. I am a wiggly worm, a wiggly worm, a wiggly worm.


And now, I await to see if he edits that bit out or if he uses it and humiliates me horribly. I have to take a third interview on the same subject in-station early next week on-camera which I’m not good at. I am not a fan of being on-camera at all. I shall find out the answer to the mystery question before then in case it comes up again.

Man, I hate having to eat humble pie!

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