Oh Poetry Month

30 Apr

Day 29 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month

Oh poetry month …

I have enjoyed you

despised you

thrilled at you and now,

am tired of you.

This blog cries out for complete sentences that stretch across the page from margin to margin and that don’t require hidden meanings embedded in them.

Words are meaning and

meaning comes from words crafted carefully and I admit

here and now

that I have not taken as much care as I possibly could have

this month long

this long month


I am still proud to have taken part and exercised my brain, my heart, my creative spirit

and maybe added a layer of depth to my writing

while sharing in the stanzas of others’ efforts.

One more day of prowetress, proetgress to go

Dream on!

prowess … not quite but yes, perhaps a modicum of progress

has been made by this fledgling poet

Save the best for last?

We shall see tomorrow.

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