Competitions and Spring is a GO!

09 May

I’ve taken a little break from the old blog. NaPoWriMo took a bit out of me and I think I needed to let my brain settle again after having to think in poetry for 30 days straight. It was a great challenge though and I’m glad that I did it!

In addition to being a place that I am fascinated with, Ireland seems to appreciate literary arts at an extraordinary level. I follow and a few other Irish Twitter feeds from the industry and it’s pretty cool to see all that is going on over there to promote, inspire and celebrate authors of all kinds. in particular has a ton of resources and interesting articles. Recently, I submitted an essay for their Mining Memories page and it was fun to read what others were submitting. Everyone has such a unique story or memory to share. You can read mine HERE

They also have links to writing competitions. I am now aiming to submit to a short story competition this summer. It’s fun to consider what I should write about and I like committing to a challenge that has a deadline. I’ve two and a half months to come up with something worth submitting.

I’m not sure if this is arrogance or confidence. I think I have the talent that it takes to write an award-winning piece. Perhaps not this year, but I do think that at some point I will. What I need to do now is get focused, get writing with more consistency and take workshops to hone my skills. It’s one thing to believe I could do it and quite another to apply myself. Consider this a declaration that any of you are welcome to call me on if I don’t achieve this goal, say, in the next five years.

EEK! Mark that deadline. May 2018.

Icicles in the Tree

Back in reality land … birds have been migrating back in droves and the air is alive once again with their singing. We had a blizzard about a week ago and then POOF! +25 Celsius. What a shock to the body. The frogs came out after that one hot day so as the bird’s quiet down to sleep at night the chorus of frogs takes over. It’s noisy all of the time now. In winter I can hear my heart beating most days it’s so silent. Loons have started calling. Bison calves are being born. Spring is a go! One of my co-workers even got a great photo of a mama bear with triplet cubs walking along a snowy road last Friday. One to two cubs is normal. Three is special.

I’ve been running 5 km with my girls (the Dane and the husky). True, the imp, leaps left and right trying to catch butterflies as they flit up off the warm concrete of the highway as we run along. She’s nearly taken me out at the knees a couple of times but it is cute to watch her chase them while alternately scooping up elk poop for a treat. Mmmmm just like chocolate covered almonds. BLICK!

True and Piper      Charlie

I take my old guy out for his own walk after their run. Yesterday I took him down to see if the ice is starting to go out on the lake yet. There was a whole two feet of open water between the beach and the ice and he promptly marched in, laid down and shoved his head under. And then I couldn’t get him back out. He loved it! At one point he was log rolling up onto the shelf of the ice’s edge and it would slowly buckle and sink under his weight so that he was surfing on a free piece of it for a bit. When it broke up he’d roll up onto the next edge of ice and do it again like some sort of game. Must be nice to have that double retriever coat!

And now… to get back to that writing competition. Write on!

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