Fire and Fotos

24 May

Have you ever thought about how many puns and sayings there are related to fire?

  • Where’s the fire? = What’s your hurry?
  • Don’t get burned out = Don’t overextend yourself
  • She’s a firecracker! = She has spunk
  • He has a fiery temper / He has a hot temper = He gets super mad
  • That idea sparked a conversation / That idea ignited a conversation = That idea started a conversation suddenly with enthusiasm

I could come up with  million more and I’m sure I’ve unintentionally used all of them in the last 12 days while working with the fire crew because that’s like telling a person to stop hiccuping. You can’t help but do it.

Here’s me all sooty in a fire-retardant Nomex suit three sizes too big and trying to hide hard hat hair with a bandanna. The Logistics Chief on the fire couldn’t remember my name the first couple of days so he taped a name tag to me that said Buddy Girl. The staging area near the fire was in a pasture. I love how alive a prairie sky is. Can’t get enough of watching weather move across the plains. I’ll add a photos below.

Buddy Girl 2013

     Storm rolling in 2013

Road to everywhere

Distant rain 2013

The 12 days of 12-14 hours working away from my pets was hard on them. One morning I woke up and couldn’t turn over only to realize my wee True snuck into the bed and had wedged herself between my arm and side. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and took this photo. You can see my pinned arm off to one side. HA!

Snuck into bed

Then the following morning she jumped up once I was awake and when I told her to get down she threw a small fit and burrowed under the covers so I took this photo. I think they’re glad I’m home again!

    Don't wanna get up

And last night my first blood-related niece was born. I have a nephew who will be 11 next week and this is the first niece. The family lives in Ontario far, far away so to mark the occasion, last night I walked down the road to the lake and took photos of the sunset. The ice just went off this week and there was a pair of otters buzzing and humming at me from the shallows while I took photos. I bet they have pups of their own nearby. A loon was also next to the breakwater close to shore and I remember that last spring there were loon chicks tucked away safely in that harbour so it’s all about babies right now – in the wild and in family.

Baby 2013-05-23

    Baby 2013-05-23     Baby 2013-05-23

     Baby 2013-05-23    Baby Bond 2013-05-23

Baby 2013-05-23

It’s a full week of firsts actually. I was sitting on the back steps in the yard one evening after a long day while the dogs played and all the sudden it filtered through from my ears to brain that I could hear leaves moving in the wind. They were budding all week and had finally gotten big enough to sing as the breeze moved them.

  First Leaves 2013

Anyway, now that life is getting back to my regular routine – it only took two full days of doing chores to get caught up EESH! – I have begun to consider that short story writing competition again. Suddenly having something worthy of submitting in July feels sooner than soon so I best be getting on to writing that!

Maybe it will be about working a forest fire …

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