My 5Km Problem Dog

02 Jun

You know what the problem is?

PIPER is!!!        Too cute for her own good

Cute as a button. Social as a butterfly and bouncy as a kangaroo.

This is Piper chillaxing last week in what was once her puppy bed. Easiest pup on the planet. Now she’s a moose. Random June 2013 007       Piper in the pool 008

And here is Piper enjoying her Sunday afternoon following our 5km run today. As you can see, her life is very stressful.

Random June 2013 025

So the problem is this. I’m trying to speed up my overall time and increase the amount of time I run versus walk on the 5km but Piper is screwing it up.

The dog has legs a mile long and she’s lithe as a leather belt. My friend Laura calls her the string bean which is appropriate. I have taken to running with Piper and True, a little husky, to help burn some excess energy out of both of them and to get into better shape myself.

People stop to watch Piper run and I have been literally stopped before while bike riding with her by people who want to tell me how stunning she is with those long legs. She glides.

This is True after our run the other day. That is how I like a dog to look after a run.

True Pooped

 This is Piper.   Problem Piper   Not pooped.

The Route:

I head out the front door and head straight up a hill, through some woods and onto the highway where we then run a big rectangle pattern that finishes in town. Now that holiday makers are returning there are lots and lots of people and other dogs around that Piper would like to socialize with.

Everything falls apart in that last 2 km in the heart of town.

She pretends to be having heat stroke. She behaves as though she might pass out and have massive heart failure on me unless I slow to a walk. So I do and what does she do then? She pulls to meet people and dogs, a giant mass of wiggles and tail waggles and when I realize I’ve been had and attempt to run again, she’s looking over her shoulder and blindly being dragged down the street by True and me so then I’m pretty sure people must think I’m the world’s cruelest dog owner dragging a giant black dog down the street who appears on the verge of heart attack when really it’s the giant black dog who is attempting to drag me down the street.

What a bugger!

Let’s recall how damn cute and well behaved she was when little.  more piper 006_1 more piper 005_1

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