Hide, Seek and Protect

10 Sep

So as I type this post, a special unit of the RCMP is running a field exercise on my block that, so far, appears to be more like a game of capture the flag than it does capture the bad guys. And the fellow in the bushes behind my house is officially the


So funny! I took such pride in being good at games like that as a kid. This guy … eesh!

So I was playing in the yard with my three dogs after work and could see that the tactical exercise had been set in motion but nothing was visibly happening and all seemed rather boring. But then I started hearing this loud crunching and cracking of twigs in a regular, heavy, steady pattern.

Because I live in a national park that for about nine months of the year is quieter than quiet, (like mayyyyyyyyybe 50 residents) and I am surrounded by all sorts of wildlife, I guess I’ve gotten used to recognizing nature sounds beyond even what I realized was possible.

In a split second I ruled out bull elk, which are in rut right now and a bit sketchy to be around, and knew that it was a member of the tactical team sneaking up on the house where the “bad” guys are holed up. I looked over the fence and within another 5 seconds or so could actually see the guy in camouflage tucked into the brush with rifle at the ready and I got the giggles. At that point all three dogs stopped playing too and came and stood at the fence like, “Hey man! Whatcha doing?”

Well I wanted to play too and sneak up on the sneaker to prove how bad he is at sneaking. I wanted badly to tease the guy and “out” his hiding place but you know, for as much fun as today is, the whole point of why they are here practicing is so that they know what the hell to do in an actual event involving a disturbed gunman. And that’s no joke.

I have a brother who is a policeman, his best childhood friend is, my nephew’s mom was and his step dad is and his maternal grand-dad is retired RCMP and I’ve worked with some great RCMP members when I was a journalist and as a volunteer with young offenders. The last thing I’d want is to make light of their training in any way.

These are the folks willing to put their lives on the line at any given moment for you and me. They do it knowing full well that their jobs put their lives at risk every single day and could possibly leave their own children parentless and their spouses widowed and yet they still show up every shift willing to take on the crap hurled at them by the lowest of the low in our society. I know it isn’t all drudgery. They get to do some cool things too and meet some interesting folks and thank goodness or they might all go mad.

Police also receive a lot of negative media because of the few bad members within their own ranks, but the majority of them are in policing for the right reasons, I would say based on those I’ve met, and those folks deserve our respect and gratitude.

So, World’s Worst Sneaker Upper on the Planet, I hope you learned what you needed to learn today. I hope you get even five minutes of R & R while you’re here in this wonderous place before you return to your detachment and the community you’ve promised to protect no matter how good or badly they treat you.

And with that as the exercise wraps up and the “arrest” is made…

a bull elk has just bugled his arrival from the same wooded area that the sneaker upper was in a few moments ago, snapping twigs as it walked in that particular bull elk way compared to the sneaking man in the woods twig snapping way.  Know what I mean? Sure you do. They sound distinctly different. I swear!

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