The Wall: To do battle or not to do battle

07 Jan

Have you ever come up against a wall (metaphorically speaking) and have to decide whether or not to fight or problem solve your way beyond it? And if you do decide to battle the wall, how hard and for how long before you give up or simply choose not to fight at all but recognize that the thing on the other side of it that you wanted was never meant to be? In fact, it could be that you’re overlooking the thing you were meant to have by choosing to take on the wall and then you’re just wasting energy and precious time on a lost cause.


How am I supposed to know when to fight and not give up on a dream and when I’m supposed to stop, take stock and go in another direction all together?

It’s confounding.

I expect some might say, “listen to your heart” or “your gut is telling you the answer.”

Arg blarg to that!!

You know what? Maybe putting up a good fight is necessary regardless of the outcome and energy is never wasted so long as you can be grateful with what you discover along the way. At least you’ll always know you tried every option in pursuit of the original dream and are never left wondering

What if …

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Posted by on January 7, 2014 in PonderQs


One response to “The Wall: To do battle or not to do battle

  1. Maureen

    January 22, 2014 at 4:45 am

    Never give up on your dreams!!! Sometimes you do have to adjust how to get there (yeah, a wall might send you through different doorways) – but then sometimes you realize that you are finally clarifying for yourself what IS your dream.


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