Photo Album Odds & Ends

11 Feb

Elk Youngster Head Shot 2014

I’ve nothing much to say. Just thought I’d put up a few photos.

Here is an elk youngster, maybe one to two years old, that was happily foraging the short grass exposed along the highway edge after a grader passed through. I love how thick its coat is. Those ears look nice and warm! Also hard to believe they can be such a menace to my dogs at other times of the year when they look so cute at this age.

Elk Youngster Profile 2014

I got lucky on this one! I was on the parkway in Elk Island National Park looking for somewhere to watch the sun set but the road was covered in a thick layer of ice and impossible to steer on so I was watching for somewhere to turn around and go home when I noticed the slightest movement out of the corner of my eye. A lynx! I was able to get out of the truck and we watched each other for a while before it turned and marched off showing me its bobbed tail. Quite thrilling actually.The first lynx I’ve ever seen.  

Lynx Edited Elk Island National Park 2014-01-15

This is the one tree in my back yard and I was headed on a road trip the day I took this. It occurred to me that the leaves would likely all be blown down by the time I returned from my week away so I took a few photos.Good thing I did because it was completely bare just as I had anticipated! This tree provided a wonderful spot all summer to read novels beneath or to stand in to escape black flies (they don’t like having a “roof” above their heads) and my cat Jack has left permanent marks in the bark from scratching on it happily.

My Birch Tree 2013

Autumn videos Waskesiu 020

Up Close and Personal

And this one, I love. I was ripening peaches and then remembered that a summer student who had lived next door built a garden that never grew anything that she could eat except a bit of lettuce. After she went home in the fall I noticed small tomatoes in it one day while playing with the dogs outside. I headed over with a bowl and pulled off all of these tiny green tomatoes as big as golf balls.There was one ripe one in the bunch. Anyway, they all eventually ripened and were very tasty with avocado and cheese on toast.

The coffee beans! My friend Laura taught me how to roast my own beans using an old air popcorn popper from the thrift store. She bought me a bag of raw beans and I made these up in the back yard.

Garden Tomatoes and Roasted Coffee Beans

And because this is my blog OF COURSE there are photos of my dogs from that autumn road trip. People wonder how I travel 10-12 hours in my little car with three big, active dogs. No one seems to believe me that it’s one giant dog pile sleepover back there but it really is. They’re so good on the road!

True-lou and Piper 2013

                   Autumn videos Waskesiu 034

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    February 16, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    beautiful photos shannon xxx

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