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-39C. With the wind chill feels like -48C.


Yesterday the temperature was steadily dropping and the wind did this super eerie thing. It didn’t blow. It didn’t buffet. It didn’t howl or thrash or cause damage.

All I can compare it to is the sound of a sheet being pulled steadily across sand. This maybe explains what the snow texture is like but it just made this freaky, steady soft shckshkshckshckschskshkch sound. The sound was low to the ground but it was everywhere enveloping everything and going straight into our bones.


My animal instinct was to run from work to home. Home to post office. Post office to work. But that only seemed to make things worse because it felt like knives sticking into my forehead and crinkles around my eyes – the only exposed parts of me. My eyes watered so bad I couldn’t see and then the tears froze on my cheeks and my eyelashes froze and I had to pull a mitten to thaw them so I could blink again and then it was like knives stabbing my hand.

Skin freezes in less than 5 minutes in these temperatures.

I have to wear a mitten to open and close the back door for the dogs to go out for a pee or my fingers freeze to the knob. Ever picked up an ice cube when your hands are wet? Just like that. Sticky ouch!

I’m supposed to drive to Alberta today for a one-week wildland fire communications course and it’s blue-sky gorgeous outside but I’m having trouble convincing myself to run to work to get the SUV I’m supposed to drive out there. I wonder if they’ll set fires for us to talk about? They’d be warm at least!

South Bay   December 15 052


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