A Guilt Ridden Psychopath, maybe

18 Jun

Tonight I fed an injured mosquito to a spider. Was that evil?

I was looking for a pen when I came home after work and when I picked it up off the top of the fridge, I noticed a spider web attached to it. I looked up and there was a lizardy looking small spider in the centre of the web near the ceiling. Live and let live, is my motto for the most part. I was a big fan of Charlotte’s Web as a kid!

Well, enter the mosquito and my other motto – kill and cause death.

It had bit me or one of the dogs or cats and was full of blood. I tried to kill it but only managed to knock it to the ground.

And then I had a dark thought.

I grabbed a kitchen chair and clambered on top of it, reached up and set the biter in the web.

But nothing! I was disappointed. I blew on the web to make it wiggle thinking that would make the spider go finish off its prey but nope. I gave up and carried on with my day. A couple of minutes later I glanced up and I thought it looked like the mosquito was closer to the spider but figured that it must be an optical illusion. I looked up again a few seconds later and sure enough, that spider was reeling the mosquito in like a fish hooked on the end of a line.

OMG!!!! It was thrilling yet I felt a bit ill.

And then I watched the spider devour it and spin it around and in no time finished it off for supper. When sated, the spider removed itself from the web and went and hung out on the ceiling a foot or so away.

‘You could be one well fed, happy spider if you continue to live there,’ I thought.

The mosquito season has only just begun and it’s all out war around this house with three dogs and me coming and going from outside. It’s a real disgusting blood bath some days. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation could film an episode here and spend hours doing blood spatter pattern analysis. Why not keep a semi-feral resident spider and feed it mozzies?

But then I felt like a real potential mass murderer, a serial killer in the making, a conscienceless psychopath and I felt a pang of guilt…

Then tweeted the photo I took of the spider eating the mosquito.

Spidey eats Mozzie 2014-06-17  [insert evil laughter here]

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