Glum Gray Days

26 Oct

We’ve hit that time of year when I find the seasonal transition a bit tough. The sun is mostly gone by 6 pm and the trees are devoid of leaves, the air is biting cold and there’s hardly anyone around town.

Glum. I feel like a glum-bum.

On Friday I had to go to town and I came home via highway 263, which I usually really like. I often see wildlife and it’s quite pretty because the trees are tighter together and lanes narrower. But holy smokes. I was getting glummer by the mile as I drove. I didn’t see a single critter and the drive felt so gray and lonely. The wind was howling and every time I passed a lake the waves were crashing angry on shore and the water is freezing cold. Nothing pleasant or inviting about the park the last couple of days.

But today, I found my better attitude and got a good start. I took all three dogs for a walk on their own. It’s chilly outside for sure but the sun made an appearance and the fresh air and silence felt like a blanket of solitude rather than that terrible feeling you get when you’ve had an argument with a good friend and you haven’t made amends yet.

I took each dog a different direction and onto trails and the beaches. All three went in the water to varying degrees and played and ran about and had fun.Seeing them have fun and knowing I’m fulfilling their little doggie desires makes me happy. It occurred to me that this could be the last day they swim. Snow is imminent. I can feel it in the air.

And being honest, I’m looking forward to the white stuff now because these glum gray days are a drag. I’d rather jump into winter now with its spectacular beauty that makes each morning exciting to wake up and look out the window at.

December 15 089

  December 15 085

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