30 Oct

It totally snowed after I wrote my last post. I love it! It didn’t snow much. Not like last year when we got walloped and sunk for the next 6 months under feet of it, but a nice covering of it that has lasted in most areas through today with more on the way this weekend.

My glum-bum attitude is gone!

It smells crisper, sweeter, fresher and more lively.

The trees are accented and stand out texturized in spite of their inky green darkness.

Wildlife is more active and observable too. Elk bulls have been hanging out together as the rut finishes up and though they still spar, it’s half-hearted. They’re more concerned with eating and regaining their strength for winter. Wolves are being seen along roadways and paths. Today an entire pack crossed the road in front of me. So thrilling!

Even my dogs are spunkier. They get right goofy in the snow and my old guy actually does better in cool weather than he does in the heat of summer so he’s been tearing it up in the yard playing too.

I did nearly break my neck stepping out onto the walkway yesterday morning in the blue light of dawn. In my excitement to get outside with the dogs – still in PJs with rubber boots and toque to finish out my fashion statement – I hadn’t considered that it had rained before it snowed and the concrete was covered in black ice. WOOO HOOOO!

I’ve scraped snow and ice off my windshield twice now but it hasn’t gotten old yet. That sound of ice being chipped and scraped off the glass makes a sound that is to my ears like comfort food is to my belly. In a weird way, it’s almost soothing.

The waiting is over. Welcome Winter.

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