Typhoon Nuri is Brrrrrrr-y

11 Nov

The wind has been howling for days. Typhoon Nuri hit Alaska and sent some crazy weather system careening across the continent that dropped the temperature into the minus 20s Celsius and is apparently going to sit on us for more than a week. I heard the fancy name for this stuck weather pattern is “Omega Block.” I might just call it OMG BRRRR!

Trees have come down around town and I fully admit that I haven’t walked the dogs much because the temperature dropped so severely with the wind chills that I cringe at going outside. It isn’t really all that cold but there was no transition from cool to cold to colder so my body is struggling to adapt.

That, and the winter coat I ordered from MEC hasn’t arrived yet. My previous down jacket had a bad run in with my washing machine when I went to clean it before storing it for the summer. Looked like a goose drowned and the zipper melted. A sad, sad scene that I’m feeling like a cold death in my bones these days.

Today I took each dog out on their own for an hour-long walk. While I had Charlie with me, because he is so calm and trustworthy, I headed down to the beach to get photos of the ice forming on the lake. Plus if he did fall in, he actually LIKES soaking in ice water. Something about that golden retriever coat … Piper the Great Dane would turn into an instant pupcicle if she fell in.

The photos don’t capture the steam rising off the lake’s surface, which I could see out in the deep water, but the photos of the ice being hurled on shore and the thick coating of it on tree trunks and rocks was beautiful. Add a bit of moody lighting and it made for some interesting photography. I’ll start with the snowstorm pics from November 3 and today is the 10th. Don’t forget you can click on the images to view them larger.


IMG_20141103_075253  IMG_20141103_075334 IMG_20141103_075424

IMG_20141110_121323  IMG_20141110_120442 IMG_20141110_120437

IMG_20141110_120356  IMG_20141110_120507 IMG_20141110_120205  IMG_20141110_120236

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