Stream of Consciousness “Writing 101” Begins

06 Apr

Today is the first day of a highly-anticipated writing clinic that I am going to participate in through WordPress. I say highly-anticipated because I saw the tweet for “Writing 101” about a week ago and signed up right away. I’m looking forward to some prompts to get my creative brain moving again rather than simply journaling about life, the universe and everything. So be prepared because it’s sure to be experimental and potentially terrible but maybe I’ll surprise myself with a gem or two that I’ll want to build upon after the clinic is complete. Today’s first challenge is to simply write for 20 mins and then publish the goop that pours out of my brain.

So I worked hard and lost a pile of weight that I kept off for two years only to begin to slowly put it back on in the last say, six weeks. Suddenly the pants felt uncomfortable. Okay, 8 lbs is not

OH wait! Please interrupt this stream of consciousness exercise because I have CNN on in the background and there was a group singing the anthem. Doesn’t matter whose anthem it is, if there’s one playing I think it’s respectful to stop what I’m doing and take it in. So I turned from the laptop to the TV and had a good laugh. The Easter Bunny is visiting the White House and he’s trying to stand back and out of the way behind Michelle Obama and it ended up just looking like the First Lady was wearing gigantic rabbit ears.

OK … so back to me, me, me haha

8 lbs is not terrifying but you have to decide at some pound that enough is enough and get back to living right. I’d injured myself about a month ago and then gotten a terrible cold and flu so was doing some serious couch surfing and junk food eating. AMAZING how easy it is to pack pounds on but how hard you have to work to get it off again. UG!

But fine. I know what to do. I also know I’m 42 with some chronic aches and pains, not a 22-year-old Tigger; bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bounce, anymore. So I’m also trying to trust the process and challenge myself realistically so as not to injure and set myself back further.

Abs … planks …legs … and I was pleased to discover that I hadn’t lost much strength just gained a wee layer of padding. I had begun power walking 5 km a day the week before with the girls (dogs) and another 2-3 at a moderate pace with my old guy (also dog). This alone still causes me wracking coughing attacks. Damn, that cold was nasty!

Another trick to keep me on track is that I write on my calendar each day what physical activities I’ve done. I started it in the winter to keep track of how much exercise the dogs were getting to make sure I was meeting their needs while making sure that I still got out skiing with friends. And I can actually trace their naughty behaviour to stretches of time when they didn’t get walked or didn’t get long enough walks. (Could have been frigid cold weather or skiing and errands in town adding up to a few days in a row keeping them in the back yard to play rather than travelling). The husky seems to start to fall apart if she misses more than two days. Who could blame her! Even if I don’t go for a long walk, I still walk to and from work every day morning, noon and evening and I go to work and interact with people and challenge my brain. Dogs sit at home pondering … ?? what ?? how tasty the cats could be?? ACK!

I also cut back on treats in a big way and set myself up in the fridge for success rather than temptation and failure but don’t deny myself either.

So that was the last couple of weeks and two days ago I added another layer. I started the Couch to 5-Km running program and this time am going to do it with someone so that should help with motivation and dedication. Now, she is only 26 – bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bounce – so her recovery time will likely be shorter but she’s not competitive about this sort of thing and she likes the dogs too so I figure it should be fun even if we have to slow the program down a bit and take longer to reach the goal. Or she kicks my ass and leaves me in the dust but, then I’ll just make her take the husky. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still want to write children’s books. I will keep that in the back of my mind as I continue on with this writing process over the next while. And I still have to figure out how to enter this mysterious place called The Commons so I can see what other intrepid writers are up to.

Good luck to us all! FUN FUN FUN!!!

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One response to “Stream of Consciousness “Writing 101” Begins

  1. Kat W

    April 6, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Hehe – love it!! And I know exactly what you mean about anthems. Doesn’t matter if it sounds like a forest of out-of-tune crickets, there I stand respectfully listening (and schooling my face into a semblance of respect). And I’m a closet wish-I-was-a-children’s-book-author too…..


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