A pike a perch and bass went fishing

15 Apr

Writing 101, Day 7 – Write a post comparing and contrasting two things using dialogue

Zoinks! Tough challenge …. but I’ll try.


Johnny, Tommy and Bobby are fishing in a boat in Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

After a long battle, Johnny finally pulled his fish alongside the boat and said, “WOAH! Look at the size of that Jack, man!”

Tommy shot back, “You mean snake.”

“What,” asked Bobby, “That’s a northern pike, losers.”

“Shut up,” said Johnny, “A jackfish is a jackfish is a jackfish and one of you is taking a photo of me with it and then I’m  throwing it back. No one has enough time to try and de-bone that muskie.”

“IT’S NOT A MUSKIE,” Tommy and Bobby chided Johnny.

“Talk about a fish tale, for god’s sake Johnny. It’s just a nice northern,” said Bobby.

Tommy yanked his rod to set the hook and as he reeled in his catch shouted,”WOOOOOOOOOO, YEAH! Look at that pickerel!”

Johnny said, “What’s the matter with you, man? That’s a walleye.”

“Are you both idiots,” said Bobby, “It’s a perch, cousin to the European pikeperch.”

Just then, Bobby felt a familiar, gentle tugging at the end of his line and watched the end of the rod bob up and down. Then it went still. He waited patiently. All of the sudden there was a solid hit on the line and he hauled back on the rod with a snap.

“That’s a smallmouth bass for sure,” Bobby said. “They might be small but they fight like the devil. WAY more fun to catch.”

“No way, man,” said Johnny. “That’ll be a jack for sure. They bite hard like that, like they’re taking down a loon chick or something, eh.”

Tommy said, “Whatever J.You and your snakes… B’s got a perch for sure. Five bucks says so.”

“You’re an asshole. It’s a jack,” Johnny said.

“Remind me never to fish with you guys again,” huffed Bobby, the line screeching as the fish dove for the bottom, “One – perch are topside fighters and two – jack’s don’t play like this. They’re too dumb to know they’ve been hooked. Only a smallmouth puts on a show like this.”

The rod heeled over and touched the surface of the lake and then snapped to neutral.

“Oh no, man. That’ sucks,” said Johnny.

“B…” and Tommy buried his face in his crooked elbow to try and muffle his laughter.

“It was a smallmouth. I know it was,” sighed Bobby.

“Here man, have a brewski. That seriously sucks.”

Johnny, Tommy and Bobby reset their hooks between sips of Canadian that they pulled from the ice water conatiner in the bottom of the boat where the rest of their catch floated half alive; one fin in the lake and the other on the barbecue grill.

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