Pharmacist vs Virus

15 Apr

Writing 101, Day 8 – Go to a public place and write about it without the use of adverbs

* This happened two days ago. I’ve been too ill to keep up with the writing so I have a few days to go back and finish, but let’s start with Day 8!

Parents trying to temper whining, coughing children, women without make-up and wearing sweat pants, men unshaven and wilting waited in a loose mass rocking from foot to foot or pacing short distances, each locked in their own bubble of ill health. It wasn’t lost on me that the room looked like a human version of a Petri dish. We had become a mob ready to attack, the very viral infections and bacteria our bodies harboured.

I imagined that if you magnified a Petri dish, you’d see us – cells getting ready to attack the host – except in this case we (a collective virus) watched with raw desperation as the pharmacy team (the immune system) raced about behind the counter working to fill our prescriptions. Who would win?

Waiting for meds feels intolerable when all you want is your PJs, a box of tissue and that ‘go-to’ movie that you can listen to with eyes closed while you loll on the chesterfield and not miss a thing because every scene is etched in your brain for having seen it so many times.


BLAM! My virus took a direct hit. Relief, albeit brief, welled up inside as I moved forward through the crowd of sufferers and paid for my antibiotics. A quick stop to buy Popsicles and in an hour from now I’d be in my PJs, tissues at hand, lolling on my chesterfield listening to Lord of the Rings as the scenes played out across the back sides of my resting eyes.

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