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20 Apr

Writing 101, Day 9 – Write from all three points of view as a couple walk past an old woman knitting a red sweater

Mike and Jen were strolling through the park when they walked past an elderly woman who sat on a bench knitting a red sweater. The late afternoon light created a nostalgic tableau. Mike and Jen stopped speaking, slowed their pace and watched the woman. Mike began to cry.

‘Nan knitted Rexy a sweater just that colour,’ Mike thought. ‘If I’d used the leash like dad told me to a thousand and one times, Rexy wouldn’t have been hit by the car and we’d have been wearing our matching sweaters on Christmas morning.’ Mike sobbed harder.

‘Oh my god this is awkward,’ thought Jen. ‘Jesus, what should I do? I hate blind dates.’

Without lifting her head to stare, the old woman glanced over the tops of her bifocals to see where the sob had emanated from.

‘What happened to the days when men were men,’ she thought. ‘I hope my grandson isn’t going to be a weeping willow like that poor sod, but young people today are obsessed with their feelings … I hope he remembered to use the leash this time. That damn dog’s always running straight out into the street and wool isn’t cheap these days.’

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