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Birthday cake or steak?

Dogs Birthday Party 2014

OH you know it! It’s the annual dogs birthday party at my house. The only difference this year was that I had a room mate who participated in the silliness. In fact she put off moving out just so she could take part.

Birthday Present 2014

See! She brought a present!!

I know that Piper the Great Dane was born on October 30, 2008, because her mamma and litter mates were rescued by the BC SPCA the day after they were born. They ended up in a stellar foster home on the Sunshine Coast until ready for adoption.

Piper in bed Piper and SophiePickme2


Maybe because it’s the day before Halloween, I find that easy to remember but I always forget all the other pets’ “birth” days.

Based on when True lost her milk teeth and her impish personality, I gave April Fools Day as her birthday on vet charts. She’s 3. Charlie, I have no idea about but he joined my family in the month of June five years ago and his previous owner knew how old he was because he’s the same age as her daughter. He is 11. Life is very busy for me in spring and summer so I never remember to celebrate their little lives but things are usually quieter in autumn and soooooooooo

PARTY FOR THE PETS!!!! happens each year on Piper’s birthday.

I had no candle this year to stick in the meat so I created a 6 out of steak.

Piper is six 2014

I know it’s ridiculous to have a dog birthday party but I suppose I do it to mark the joy that my pets bring into my life. Why not celebrate that? Piper is a stellar, happy-go-lucky dog who brings unlimited joy into my life and a lot of love and on really cold winter nights she’s the only pet who’ll get UNDER the covers with me and stay there (happily) until I am warmed up.

Piper's Birthday 2014-10-30

And now that’s she’s a mature dog with pride, I don’t make her wear the party hat.

Piper's First Birthday 004



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