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II Perspective: Literally

I’ll say it again.

Perspective is everything, isn’t it.

Yesterday I saw some things for the first time because they were new and I saw some things for the first time because I was paying attention in a different way.

On my way home from Candle Lake, I drove north through the park on the 263 which I’ve done countless times in the last 2+ years. I realized I hadn’t climbed the Height of Land tower yet this summer so decided to stop by and do it so that I can go back now and again to see how the autumn leaves change.

A Sunday Drive 086


The first thing I enjoyed was the view of Shady Lake where I’ve been paddling this summer and have posted so many photos about on this blog already. Here it is from the Height of Land tower. And on all of those paddles when not another soul was in sight, I’m glad that I decided never to skinny dip because anyone with a set of binoculars up on the tower would have had a great view. HA! Yikes!

A Sunday Drive 052   A Sunday Drive 008

And then I started thinking about how different the whole world looks from up high and looking down.

A Sunday Drive 050   A Sunday Drive 051

And then I took a photo while walking down …

A Sunday Drive 041  Then turned and took a photo looking back up from where I’d come.

A Sunday Drive 033   And I love how the lines of the tower frame everything on the way down and nothing when you look back up although I guess the sky is as much everything as it seems like wide open blue nothing.

And half way down I realized the whole structure was alive with butterflies on the sunny beams and platforms.They were all over the place and my camera ended up on a crazy setting so it’s a bit blown out but I still think it’s a cool photo because of the shadow being cast on the sun-bleached board. Makes me think of when Batman enters a scene and the thing that tips off the Joker is the bat shadow thrown across the room.

A Sunday Drive 023

And to wrap it all up.

I looked up.

A Sunday Drive 055   And up …

                                       A Sunday Drive 056   Allllllllllllll the way up.

A Sunday Drive 058

And it was awesome and made me laugh too.

Just because.

And then I turned to walk back down the path to the parking lot and took this photo

A Sunday Drive 059   Which led to a whole other way of seeing the Height of Land tower and will be my third installment in the Perspective blog series.

See ya there in a jiffy!

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Flutter Bye Free (and Other Stuff)

Wow! There are tons of ways to get involved in creative writing out there and I’ve just scratched the surface. Having the Internet at my fingertips has made all the difference in exploring opportunities. In a matter of a few weeks I am now receiving information on tips and workshops and competitions and linking to others who are on similar journeys and that is all very exciting.

Last night I received a tweet on my feed about a 200-word fiction competition and so I sat down and “penned” something for it. I have no expectations of winning. What I love is the challenge. It’s a bit like school without much of the associated tedium.

I enjoy being given a task- this was to write a story about alienation or quest for belonging – and then trying to write for it. Taking part in challenges like that can only help strengthen my writing skills and stretch my brain in creative ways.

I made myself laugh with the story I wrote for that competition and it ended up having a butterfly in it too, which reminds me I should update what has happened with the butterfly I discovered yesterday!

The Butterfly Finale

I woke this morning to bright sunshine pouring in my windows and the butterfly flapping away in the jar even in its relative dark spot on my closet shelf. I realized that human intervention was going to be the death of the poor thing whether I tried to help it or let nature take its course. Its fate was predetermined by human intervention in the first place when it wedged itself into my window frame last autumn.

In the end, I decided it would be better for a wild creature to have an hour of fresh air and freedom, flying in the sun and surrounded by wilderness smells than to be cooped up in a jar for several more weeks in hopes of staying alive until spring arrives.

For the morning, because it was bitterly cold with the winter wind yet, I set it loose in a spare bedroom with the door closed.

Butterfly in March

At half past noon, while home for lunch, I set the jar on a pine-needled snow bank but it sucked its wings up tight together and started vibrating. It wouldn’t budge.

Butterfly Brrrrr

So then I second guessed myself and took it back indoors and set the jar in a sunny window where upon it began flapping around frantic again. So, with momentum on our side, I stepped out into the yard and peeled the lid off the jar and the butterfly shot straight up like a rocket into the blue, blue sky, then soared sideways on the arc of a wind stream and flitted high into a stand of trees before I lost sight of it.

I wished it well and a bit of joy for the time it had left. It was definitely the right thing to do. I smiled to see it fly away free.

Blue Skies, Away!

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