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Let’s Talk Poverty

Poverty is relative
In the Western world
Even on the street you’ve more rights
Than many round the world
Who have roofs over their heads.

Poverty is not the same as living simply
It’s simply about not having options or choices or the ability to improve one’s standing.

Poverty is crushing
Kills the body, mind and spirit
Poverty steals hope and
Leaves apathy and despair in its wake
Poverty kidnaps childhood.

If those of us who have
Lived with less
Less stuff
Less entitlement
Could we change the tide of poverty and
All rise up together?

I can dream of that equality
I can strive to achieve it
Because I am a Have
Not a Have Not
I have the luxury of considering solutions because
There is a roof over my head
Food in my belly
And education and healthcare when I want or need it.

Day 25 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)

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