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Lunch Post Challenge: Men

Four of the guys asked me to join them for coffee break. I was happy to be a part of this different group of co-workers and interested to hear how they’d spend their break compared to how I spend my usual breaks with the gals at the other building talking gossip and kids and clothes. I imagined talking engines … talking cattle and crop prices… talking ice fishing and snowmobiling… New territory!

First, one said he couldn’t find shirts long enough in the sleeve for his frame and another said he couldn’t find dress shirts that weren’t huge in the body if he could find the right sleeve length but then a third said the trick was to look for the “long L” because it’s a specific fit but his difficulty was finding the right shirt neck size and the first guy said exasperated, “Do you know how rare those long Ls are?! You can’t hardly find them,” and another fellow showed up and asked what we were talking about …

And I sat there thinking, “It feels like I’m having coffee with my group of women co-workers. What the hell!”

I took it in quietly. I wasn’t planning on saying anything today anyhow. I wanted to get my bearings with this new group of buddies because I’m hoping we’ll have many more coffee breaks together and one day I’ll have something of merit to contribute.

Soon enough we were off and chatting about fire and safety and resources and landowners and tractors and ploughs and I finally had to leave them to their heated discussions and get back to work but I still love that they spent the first half of the coffee break concerned with fashion.

“Dark colours (for the new uniform) might look good on everybody else but I’m so pale I just end up looking sick all the time!”



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