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Lunch Post Challenge: Men

Four of the guys asked me to join them for coffee break. I was happy to be a part of this different group of co-workers and interested to hear how they’d spend their break compared to how I spend my usual breaks with the gals at the other building talking gossip and kids and clothes. I imagined talking engines … talking cattle and crop prices… talking ice fishing and snowmobiling… New territory!

First, one said he couldn’t find shirts long enough in the sleeve for his frame and another said he couldn’t find dress shirts that weren’t huge in the body if he could find the right sleeve length but then a third said the trick was to look for the “long L” because it’s a specific fit but his difficulty was finding the right shirt neck size and the first guy said exasperated, “Do you know how rare those long Ls are?! You can’t hardly find them,” and another fellow showed up and asked what we were talking about …

And I sat there thinking, “It feels like I’m having coffee with my group of women co-workers. What the hell!”

I took it in quietly. I wasn’t planning on saying anything today anyhow. I wanted to get my bearings with this new group of buddies because I’m hoping we’ll have many more coffee breaks together and one day I’ll have something of merit to contribute.

Soon enough we were off and chatting about fire and safety and resources and landowners and tractors and ploughs and I finally had to leave them to their heated discussions and get back to work but I still love that they spent the first half of the coffee break concerned with fashion.

“Dark colours (for the new uniform) might look good on everybody else but I’m so pale I just end up looking sick all the time!”



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III Perspective: Judgments

If you’ve been following along, you know where this is headed. If you’ve started here I have declared that

Perspective is everything.

Yesterday I saw some things for the first time because they were new and I saw some things for the first time because I was paying attention in a different way.

It started with this photo

A Sunday Drive 059 which I took and then scampered on down the path all the way to the car when I stopped. And thought. About the heart carved on the tree. I hadn’t been aiming to photograph it but sort of took notice in the back of my brain that it was in the frame. At the car, I wondered if it was an anomaly or if there were more. Holy smokes!


A Sunday Drive 089   A Sunday Drive 088   A Sunday Drive 082

Just warming up

A Sunday Drive 080   A Sunday Drive 078   A Sunday Drive 077

Hold on. There’s more.

A Sunday Drive 076   A Sunday Drive 075   A Sunday Drive 074


A Sunday Drive 073   A Sunday Drive 072   A Sunday Drive 071

Wait for it

A Sunday Drive 070   A Sunday Drive 069   A Sunday Drive 067

Close to the finish

A Sunday Drive 066   A Sunday Drive 065   A Sunday Drive 064

The last two.

A Sunday Drive 063   A Sunday Drive 061 

Here’s what I should do. I should go back and retake the photos so that each has a close up and a contextual portrait because all of these surround the base of the tower and pathway leading to it. Some of the etchings are eye level for me and I’m about 5’7″. Some were over my head and I held the camera up to capture them. Some were lower down.

Here’s where my thoughts (judgments) went.

Who are the self-entitled assholes who think they have the right to scar trees permanently with their names?

What is it about human beings that we feel the need to leave a “footprint”everywhere we go? Why can’t we experience a place gently and leave it untouched for others?

I wonder if these people are even still in love?

I wonder if these were people who were dating or if the person who etched the initials and heart in the trees only longed for the other person?

It must take a while to carve that into a tree’s bark so that it lasts. That’s sweet that someone would love another so much and be so romantically inclined that they took the time to do it.

I wonder if they were together on a full moon night when they did it?

I wonder if they come back every year to mark some kind of “first”? First kiss… first time he said I love you… Marry me…

I wonder if any of these people have died? Oh god that would be so sad imagine if I came across someone touching one of these hearts and they were crying and then I’d be like OH NO!!! Was that you? But I wouldn’t really ask because that would be rude but I’d be dying to know the story.

2004 … and the carving is a good foot and a bit higher than my head. Trees don’t grow super fast so let’s say that the person who carved that in the tree IN 2004 was my height or slightly taller then they were likely near or fully grown and I’m just going to make a judgment and say that youth are more likely to carve hearts and names into trees than mature adults or children as they tend to be supervised by adults who wouldn’t let them operate sharp knives. Then, it’s been almost 10 years since that person carved that in the tree. If they were 16 at the time, for sake of argument, and they’re still alive today, they’d be going on 26. 

Think of the amount of life a person lives between the ages of 16 and 26!!! Your whole world changes. I wonder if they went to post secondary school or training? I wonder if they’re a millionaire somewhere now or if they even still live in Saskatchewan. 

Blah blah blah blah blah went my brain.

Then it went back to

It’s so selfish a thing to do to the trees. These trees never asked to bear witness to puppy love or youthful indulgences.

The energy around this tower is pretty awesome. It’s been surrounded by gosh knows how many years of love and youthful optimism and wishful thinking.

Should I carve my initials and a message on one of these trees?

Nope. That would be poor judgment.

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