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Remember this?



Apparently I wrote a couple of poems on March 30, 2013 that were quite insightful and inspired and I only stumbled across them recently when I opened up a scribbler randomly to take notes as I listened to a psychic tell me about my future. Anyway, I don’t remember writing them and maybe I’m my own best fortune teller:


I’ve started writing in the middle of my scribbler

like trying to jump

from the armchair into the

middle of adventure.


I am impatient for the new

in a hurry to put now into the past

Life’s a-wasting

as I sit here.


The freedom of writing

here, there and everywhere

is fun.

Don’t box me in

left to right

one to ten

A to Z

I’m hopping in at M

half past whichever hour strikes

my fancy.


A government girl’s gotta bust out somehow!


It’s not about being 40   😦

It’s about being 40   🙂


I want more

I want messy

I want music

I want magic

and to master my days.


I will be the Skipper from now on.


Sole Mate

If I’m dreaming

Then it’s with you in mind.

Knowing that the choices I make today will impact



or if

I will find you.


And that’s a lie

Because I don’t believe that you exist anymore


if you did

You wouldn’t be interested in a gal who spent her

whole life pining over a mystery that might never be solved.


I dream for me

And leave the possibility of you open to the sky and gods.

If your path and mine should cross

I look forward to sharing the journey but

If you never appear

If our waymarks are lost to one another


Know that I am living life just fine

Superbly, thank you.

I’ll tell you all about

next time.


And then I just wrote one about my friend who is expecting her second baby. It’s strange to be a grown up and feel a bit of jealousy towards a fetus, but if I’m honest, there is a bit. It’s like I want to whine, “Heyyyyyyyyyy, I knew her first. Bug off!”

But then I look at her first born and remember how much I love her and how enriched our lives are with her in the world. It’s hard to remember that there was a time that she wasn’t a part of this extended family and so I look at the baby bump again and feel excitement and love and some protectiveness, like, just hang out in there little one. Your job right now is to grow strong so don’t be making any surprise appearances before the time is right.


This Time

is precious.

Little person becoming an active member of

the clan.

Little unknown one carving a space in our

hearts and minds.

We will be ready for you upon arrival

We are all growing room for you in

our lives

Just as your mother makes way for you in

her belly.

Her body is a vehicle for you now

But she loved us with it long before you were even

a thought.

And so these nine months are like being in the perpetual

first day of Kindergarten and learning that we must

share her.

And we will.

Because you, like your sister, will become an integral member of

this clan.

The Time before your existence will seem

almost inconceivable.


For now, you are still rooted in

God’s Land

God’s Hands

Stay safely there and grow, little one

Until it’s Time.

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