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Cranky Pants Cat

I’m on a cat theme again today. My black cat took a running charge at my pup this morning as I was trying to leave for work and it was like telling two arguing children to settle down and cut it out because the pup hadn’t done anything wrong (this time) … and it was silly so I wrote this for Day 24 NaPoWriMo (Naitonal Poetry Writing Month) 

Cranky pants cat

Spat at me

Hissed at the pup

And scratched her knee.


Cranky pants cat

Flattened his ears

Growled at the dog

And swatted her rear.


Cranky pants cat

Full of P & V today

Settle down, relax

True just wants to play.


Kitty cat Jack

What’s the ruffle in your fur?

Let me scratch your chin

let me hear your purr.

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