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Sweet Sunny Days

It continues to be colder than Hell frozen over. My cheeks burn like someone’s holding dry ice to them most days. Why does cold burn?

Anyway, in spite of the wind chills that continue to plague us here, the days are getting longer and the sunshine sure does wonders for my soul. I wake naturally around 6 am now as there’s jusssssssssst enough daylight to stir me and at 7 in the evening the sky is still aquamarine; the trees in inky black outline making the whole scene appear like a fine water colour painting.

Yesterday I wanted out! Outside! I knew my old guy and the Dane could only handle the biting wind for a short jaunt about town but oh, that little husky. She doesn’t just take the wind and cold in stride. She seems energized by it.

True-lou on Waskesiu Lake

I suited up in full-on thermal layers and then snowpants, big boots, scarf, toque, hooded up in my down jacket and then clipped her on a 20-foot line and grabbed my snowshoes and off we headed. She was really zippy, not listening and getting under foot tripping me and winding around tree trunks. I had a decent holler at her finally.

I may have dropped a couple of F-bombs. I might have threatened to skin her alive.

And then I thought my way through the problem and took us out onto the frozen lake where there was nothing to impede our process and dropped the line. True will be 3 in April. It’s more than time to test out her stick-to-me skills. And she had energy to burn, that much was obvious!

She was FANTASTIC! Little buddy! She so needed to rip around and that’s exactly what she did. She never went more than about 30 feet away and then arced back to me or would run out ahead, stop suddenly, turn and then gleefully charge me and leap through the air to play. We had so much fun!

True gets “winter nose.” The black pigmentation of her nose turns pink in the cold months. I forget now why some dogs noses do that but it’s an adaptation of sorts. Here she is taking a break from all  her running; back to the howling wind and soaking up the sweet sun.


It was so much fun that in spite of the bitter cold again today, we headed out for an even longer snowshoe and this time we took our friend Eric who threw snow for her and played chase. At the end of our walk when I needed her to come back to me so I could gather up the long line and hold her close to be safe from traffic, she beelined it to him first. 

HARUMPH! Just like a kid. They always let you know who the favourite one is.  🙂

Happy dog

And what’s the best thing to do at the end of a long walk outside?



Cuddle with your fair-weather sister.

To see some videos of our day out on the lake, click HERE

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Lunch Post Challenge: Snowshoeing

I was snowshoeing

Snowshoeing at Kingsmere 040

And it was spectacular, a mild -28C with no wind. I could hear my heart beating, a few song birds singing, the river running

Snowshoeing at Kingsmere 036

and then a few too many twigs and small branches breaking close by.

My imagination got the better of me. I tried to be calm and face down my fears, so alone in the woods and far from any assistance. I tried to stop imagining sighting a cougar camouflaged in the trees and how it would feel to be ripped to pieces by one; my blood turning the pristine snow drifts red.

Snowshoeing at Kingsmere 038

I really need to stop watching Planet Earth right before bed.



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My New Year’s Day Arctic Mojo

“-30 C feels like -34 C” was what the Weather Network read on my phone app around noon. Warm weather! What a delight! I geared up, leashed True to a 20-foot-line anchored to my waist and headed out with her and my new snowshoes to Waskesiu Lake.

We walked along the shore about 15 feet out onto the lake for about an hour and though I was completely encrusted in ice around my hood/toque/scarf and eyelashes, it was gorgeous sunny and I was plenty warm enough.True was givin ‘er and having fun too. We both really needed that long walk.

Came home, threw some of my clothes in the dryer and got Charlie and Piper ready to go on a shorter dual leash system. I took them for a loop around the town site but we weren’t working quite hard enough for it to be as fun so we ended up jogging half of it and then we were all happy and warm again.

This is Canada. We are an arctic nation. It’s been an unusually rough start to winter this year beginning with the giant snowfall in early November that set winter in but, I think I’m finally adapting to these continuously frigid temperatures. I end up feeling some strange form of pride when I get outside and am able to really enjoy myself despite the cold. I no longer want to move to B.C. I declared that during a rock bottom moment of weakness earlier this week. I’ve got my winter mojo back and nothing’s stopping me.

Yesterday, I spontaneously figured out how to slide head first on my back down the @6-foot-high mountain of snow I built for the dogs to play on. At one point, I’d thrown a disc across the yard for the girls to fetch and as they came sprinting back towards me on the hill, I suddenly found that I’d hurled myself, with little thought, backwards down the mountain. They came flying up over the edge then leaped and we all landed in a heap at the bottom. It was hilarious. So I did it a few more times. I was wearing a slippery jacket which made all the difference.

Viva l’hiver!!!!!

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This is Minus 40

Walk to Work 2013

It takes a lot of energy to play outside these days because it’s so cold. We’ve been basically hovering around -30C to -50C because of wind chills for the better part of a month now. Once in a while we’ve had a -25C break but pretty much it’s just been plain colder than cold.

My dogs are even challenged by it. We had a week break in Calgary over Christmas where it was a balmy +8C  a couple of times and then we had to run for home a day early to avoid a major winter storm, spent 11 whiteout, blustery, snowy hours on highways and woke up back here the next morning to -32C with a wind warning making it feel like -50C.


Today, the chill was still on but we – and I do mean WE – are starting to go stir crazy inside. I know it’s possible to play outside even in this weather. You just have to take the time to dress for it and not stay out as long but it is possible. And so, I bundled up, (can you tell? I’m smiling!)

Can you tell Im smiling

strapped on my brand new Christmas snowshoes and headed out with little True-lou the husky first. I dragged her through deep snow. She was in to her chin for most of the walk and had to hop like a kangaroo. There is method to my madness. I wanted to try out the new shoes and I wanted to maximize my effort by wearing her out as efficiently as possible before either of us got too cold to stay out any longer. It worked!

New Year's Day 2012 023

I arrived back home drenched in sweat which is rule number one of what NOT to do in winter. Don’t sweat! Oh well… we’re staying close to home today. I stripped down a bit to dry off and rolled my old guy Charlie onto his back and put his Muttluks on. He loves those red super sneakers!! I got re-bundled up but ditched my snowshoes because he’s so short that’d be cruel to drag him through deep snow and we headed out for a walk. He did very well and loved it. I started to get drafty because I wasn’t working as hard as before.

December Cold Spell 002

Back home. Shed the coat while I took the muttluks from Charlie and wrestled my nervous Nelly Great Dane Piper into them. She has a lovely matching Chilly Dogs red and black coat. She’s black and white. Looked like a runway model! There is something about those shoes that makes them zippy.

You know that scene from Bambi when the fawn is spiraling out of control across the pond? Picture my black Dane trying to sprint on hard-packed snow and losing control, stick legs bracing while she slid and spun. She loved it though and we spent half her walk running. And can she run!!!

Back to the yard, pulled the shoes off of her so she could get some grip, let the other two out and they wind sprinted around the yard for 5 mins before we were all frozen and had to go back inside. Here we are:

This is Minus 40         Checking me out

This is Minus 40 060


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