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Lunch Posts Challenge: Pee Break

I live an hour out of town and while in town doing errands today, I really had to pee.

I stopped at the mall. The toilets there are gross but sufficed. Another woman exited the other stall at the same time as me and we shared brief eye contact. I smiled and she laughed a bit embarrassed. We all pee. Why is that embarrassing?

Then we both saw that the soap dispenser was ripped half off the wall and had no soap and we gaped a moment before rinsing in cold water side by side and air drying one after the other in silence.

As I headed back outside, ducking my head in anticipation of the driving winter wind, I noticed an elderly man holding the arm of an elderly, disabled woman and trying to get her through the first set of mall doors. I held the inside door open for them to pass through and he said thank you. I smiled and said, “No worries.” As they passed by me I noticed that she had soiled herself, the wet pee stain the size of a small dinner plate on her gray sweatpants and I thought,

I wonder who will lovingly care for me when I am that old and infirm?


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