My New Year’s Day Arctic Mojo

02 Jan

“-30 C feels like -34 C” was what the Weather Network read on my phone app around noon. Warm weather! What a delight! I geared up, leashed True to a 20-foot-line anchored to my waist and headed out with her and my new snowshoes to Waskesiu Lake.

We walked along the shore about 15 feet out onto the lake for about an hour and though I was completely encrusted in ice around my hood/toque/scarf and eyelashes, it was gorgeous sunny and I was plenty warm enough.True was givin ‘er and having fun too. We both really needed that long walk.

Came home, threw some of my clothes in the dryer and got Charlie and Piper ready to go on a shorter dual leash system. I took them for a loop around the town site but we weren’t working quite hard enough for it to be as fun so we ended up jogging half of it and then we were all happy and warm again.

This is Canada. We are an arctic nation. It’s been an unusually rough start to winter this year beginning with the giant snowfall in early November that set winter in but, I think I’m finally adapting to these continuously frigid temperatures. I end up feeling some strange form of pride when I get outside and am able to really enjoy myself despite the cold. I no longer want to move to B.C. I declared that during a rock bottom moment of weakness earlier this week. I’ve got my winter mojo back and nothing’s stopping me.

Yesterday, I spontaneously figured out how to slide head first on my back down the @6-foot-high mountain of snow I built for the dogs to play on. At one point, I’d thrown a disc across the yard for the girls to fetch and as they came sprinting back towards me on the hill, I suddenly found that I’d hurled myself, with little thought, backwards down the mountain. They came flying up over the edge then leaped and we all landed in a heap at the bottom. It was hilarious. So I did it a few more times. I was wearing a slippery jacket which made all the difference.

Viva l’hiver!!!!!

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